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The opening scene starts with the hero introduction, in this hero is an airforce officer and heroine is the graduate and the best playback singer in Tamilnadu. The story opens in the cololest region in Tamilnadu. Which is Ooty. In Ooty there is an Airforce training centre. Here the opening scene, the air force officer Bharath doing his retuine work and he is the 2nd lieutenant in the Airfoce. At the time his higher officials made a visit and introduces the singer Priya, Who have been accidentally meet higher official Prabhu.

Bharath Meets Priya

Officer Prabhu introduces priya to the team and introduces let and everyone in the team ask fur to sing. Then she sang the song “Pudhu Vellai Malazhi” one of the tamil song, which has been got award, after hearing magical voice, Bharath falls in love at first sight. Then everyone congratulated her, at the time Bharath introduces him and says that he is in love with her. Then Priya asks that,

“How come the Love comes at first Sight”, then she rejects this proposal. Then she leaves that place.

Bharath was thinking about her, and said about the girl Priya to his parents. Then their parents accepted his love but don’t know the result about Priya’s Parents.

Bharath finds Priya’s house after his work. Then he himself and his parents makes some tricks to marry Priya. At last Priya’s parents accepts the marriage. Then the engagement gets over. At the time, everyone scandaled on Priya about the marriage with the Airfore man she, didn’t consider about that. Then Bharath goes to Srinagar, Srinagar is the place where the Airforce school has been located. He doesn’t inform Priya, that he leaves Srinager, through Bharathi parents she comes to know, he left Ooty after the engagement, marriage dates comes closer. She was waiting for Bharath, she condn’t see, At last, she saw Bharath is the wedding, marriage was in Ooty. She slapped, Bharath everyone saw her, Bharath said for personal issues he left the place, then he said sorry, for slapping. Marriage gets over, And in the middle of their Life was some misunderstandings between, them, years passed, they had two daughters. He had resigned his job. Priya had lots of misunderstanding with Bharath. At the age of 40, they thought of getting divorce, but Bharath said there are children’s we should make them well settled. Then 2 daughters gots well settled after 2 years.

At age of 70 both Priya and Bharath asks for divorce, They walks into the Lawyer’s office, Lawyers was puzzled after hearing a chat with them, that they came to for a divorce. Lawyer came to conclusion that they made quarrel between for 40 yrs, due to their children they waited then, Lawyer, said to sign those papers at the time Bharath says that “I really love you and sorry for misunderstanding, “Then Lawyer had an meet with these couples and he found there was some ego between them, Next day Priya went to her parents home and Bharath stayed in Srinagar. Bharath calls her for telling sorry then ask her to come back. Priya doesn’t attend the phone call, then she hears a news that Bharath has been died with an heart attack holding the phone in his hand.

©Kalpana Thangarasu

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