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The Purpose Of Life and Our Role in it

We often ask life “Why Me”? Instead we should build strength to say “Try Me”.

Have we ever asked ourselves, what is destiny? If not, ask yourself now. . . Destiny is automatically proportional to the efforts you put in your life. It is true to say that destiny is what God has decided for you, but it is also true to say that even total surrender requires some effort into it. The problem is that our levels of impatience are much higher than our efforts and we expect results overnight.

Foundation and Attitude – Take life as a magic carpet, imagine your dreams and live them. Imagination is one word of the dictionary that can take you anywhere with ample number of ideas, creativities and innovations. We generally end up saying that we are what our parents and schools make us. We forget that they are the base of our foundation and will be our pillars of backbone always, but nothing comes without us as an individual. If as a person we do not adopt to what we have learnt from them, there is no point of saying we became what we were told to. Unless we make an effort to live through and maintain what we have imbibed from them, we will always have something lacking in us. Today’s culture has learnt to blame others for anything that is not right with them. It comes very naturally for them to say “Oh, it is XYZ person at fault”. This falsehood and fakeness will not take you anywhere till you stand up and take the responsibility of yourself, shout and say “I will hone my skills and culture that I have received from my family and school and make myself a better person”. It is about the right attitude and not social perception.

Charity – When we do charity, we should do it with a clear heart and soul. Such charity will give you immense happiness and peace and comeback ten folds. God will always see the act behind and not how much you have done. Hence it is very important to contribute to the society via charity in whatever way one feels comfortable and content. By copying others, on how much they do and therefore comparing, true joy can never be attained. When you make others happy, you will find that life salutes back at you and inculcates true joy and peace in you.

If we go around asking “What is Spirituality and Meditation”? The top most answers we recieve will be “Bhajans” and “Silence” respectively. Yes, these two form the essentials of each but they are not the meaning of each. When you feel that you have been transformed to a happier, loving, compassionate and peaceful human being, when you know who you are and why you are on this earth, when you do service for others in pure form, when you learn to sacrifice AND when anything that gives you real joy and contentment is executed, only then you can say that you have become spiritual and you’ll understand that meditationis more than just being silent. Spending few minutes of silence everyday with yourself is very important to recharge and get some positivity and fuel in the form of ideas to run and not drag yourself. Try for just few days and you will notice what sitting in silence does when blended with your joy giving activity. That is true meditation.

Financials are important for everyone to survive and so a form of food to run our lives. But do we ever stop and ask why are we still not happy? Do we ever do something that gives us happiness in its non-material way? For us anything materialistic has become a source of pleasure but is that not short lived? We need to tune ourselves to let go. This is something which is extremely hard to accomplish but is instrumental in every form of our lives. By comparing ourselves with others, we are only torturing ourselves because we have no clue about what their journey is. So what, if we can see that there are only smiles on a person’s face, that a person is laughing just way too much? But do we know that it is because that person has chosen not to dwell in negativities but instead stand up and face the challenges from the front? God will test you only on something that he knows you can handle even if it seems to you the ultimate test.

Our role is simple in life, but we humans complicate it to no limits under pressure, competition, judgements, fears, power, jealousy, egos and various forms of negative emotions growing in today’s world. Failures will always pull you down, but you need to shield yourself enough to answer back, “I have no fear as my God is bigger than fear, which will give me strength to learn from mistakes and failures and move ahead double strong”. Success will give me happiness but never pride because nothing is ever lasting. Success is a journey not a milestone.

©Smriti Bhatia

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