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He lighted a candle, filled his glass with wine. Luminosity of the candle was too weak, so he couldn’t concentrate on writing. A pleasant wind was coming from the window. The spring’s breeze, monotonous but cool enough to soothe his sinew and nerve. He wrote in his torn diary page. “Good bye Dad & Mamma. . . “

Next day Jackson opened the letter,

“Though I can’t continue the race in a loop, I’m leaving this. I know both of you love me and wanted to see me on the top. I’m unlucky and so was then when I failed to crack the CA final exam. I’ve told you a lot that I wanted to be a writer. So I invested my whole time to complete the novel which I’ve to send. I want to tell my story through this novel. I wish both of you will paste this letter in its last page as I left a space there. Go ahead, it is up there in my shelf. You know dad I’m sure this letter is in your hands today, since mamma can’t read it up. Now listen to me dad, your next marriage had very well effect on mom’s mental health! She suffered a lot. I’m unable to hold her hands right now as I’m lying here and having a great sleep after a long time. Just don’t lose her hands she loves you dad. Wash off your anger as a writer can’t handle the accounts of your company. He lives in his words in fact in his creativity. He creates to be created. I knew when I want something the whole cosmos conspires me to do so. So I glued to my decision. I’m satisfied you know dad ! As my novel is ready today with my last words between your trembling hands. “Tears are the words which must be written”, on my lonely days so I did so. I framed my words and prepared a story for the soul of the world.

Before discharging me, doctor told me last week that I couldn’t continue the last chemo. Wipe your tears now, mom hadn’t told you about my health in past few months. I’m sure full dose of sleeping pills will work better! Good bye again. . . I need to sleep. “

The novel published next month; ‘The Last Letter’.

©Sudip Das gupta

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