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The first fringe of love

I had never imagined that love can happen in virtual world also.

Once, while I was checking my face book newsfeed a friend suggestion came for a girl Samaira Sengupta

We had around 57 mutual friends. Her profile picture was with red saree, open hair and her glasses.

I send her the friend request.

Every day Iused to check that whether she had accepted my friend request but almost for 1 month it was pending.

Then suddenly one day while I was checking I noticed that she had accepted my friend request.

But I thought that she would leave a text asking about me or something else. But there was nothing. I waited for another 5days. But now I was determined that I would text her.

Me: Hi, Arivaan here. How are you?

And I got the reply almost some 15days later.

Samaira: Hi, Samaira here. I’m so sorry I’m

veryirregular in face book. So

couldn’t reply.

I checked her message in the evening and again she was not there.

I realised that our conversations would continue in this way so we would never get to know each other.

I just replied her: it’s ok princess. I can


Within 2days she replied: Hi, thanks for

getting my point of  view

I was online and suddenly the message box appeared in my office computer during the lunch break.

Me: So are you a Bengali?

She: Yes and you?

Me: Punjabi and so what you do? Say somethingabout you.

She: Self introduction? Ok let me think. I’m a

Bengali girl from Kolkata studying final year.

What else you want to know?

Me: Woww which stream?

She: Geography honours.

Me: Are you single?

She: Yes happily single.

Me: Why?

She: Sorry can’t get you. Why for what?

Me: Why youare happily single?

She: Because I don’t want any relationship

and I have no regrets so I’m happy.

Me: Ohk cool. So?

She: Need to logout because it’s already late

and I need to have my lunch.

Me: Then when can we talk?

She: Next when I will be online.


And our conversations used to be carried out like this without any continuation.

Me: We completed 1month of our friendship

and we had no continuous conversations

She: I’m really sorry I’m not regular in

face book.

Me: Yeah I know but somewhere you must be


She: Yes, I’m regular in WhatsApp, mail, hike,


Almost 3months passed.

On 31st DecemberI asked her: What are you

goingto gift


She: Is there any occasion?

Me: The year is going to end? Aren’t you


She: Yess. But what’s your occasion?

Me: My birthday

She: Oops, am so sorry I don’t know. Anyways happy birthday so treat to Banta hain and I would ofcourse come with a gift.

Me: So come to Gurgaon. And I need my gift.

She: What’s your demand?

Me: First promise me you won’t say no.

She: ok I wouldn’t say no

Me: Your number, please don’t say no.

She: ok it’s your birthday gift.

And she texted me her number

Me: thank you.

She: Bye. Going for lunch.

I instantly texted in her WhatsApp number

Hi princess

She: Arivaan?

Me: Yes princess.

She: Catch you after lunch.

Me: Ok princess

She: Whyyou call me princess always?

Me: I feel like calling you princess.

Kisi princess se kaam thodi ho?

She: Oh really?

Me: Of course. You know Red is my favourite Colour

She: Wow

Me: Yours is also red?

She: No not at all. Youare lucky then both my

facebook and WhatsApp dp is in red colour.

He: I loved them. Even I have commented in  your face book dp.

She: I haven’t noticed.

And our conversations continued

She: How was your celebration?

Me: Very good but I missed you I wish I could

take you in my party with your parent’s  permission.

She: Come to Kolkata I would join you for sure

Me: Haahaaa I wish I could. Tomorrow I had

office need to sleep. Bye

She: Sure. Sleep but what do you do?

Me: Ohho I haven’t introduced myself. I work

in a Florida based company as the Senior  HR Executive

She: Wow that sounds great. Goodnight

Once I told her that I like her in fact I love her but she said that she don’t want to be in relationship.

So further I never said her about my feelings anymore

We became good friends and we share everything.

Slowly she introduced me with her friends and vice versa.

We were deep into our friendship but I couldn’t realise that when she had felt for me.

But neither had she ever said anything nor I asked her again.

In the month of March it was her final year exams and after her exams she and her friends were planning for a long trip because they all were frustrated of studying and giving exams for continuous 2 months.

So they decided to go Delhi first and from there to Gurgaon. The days to stay in Gurgaon was not decided.

She: What are the places we can visit in Gurgaon?

Me: You can visit me, my soul, my heart, my room.

She: Shut up Arivaan

Me: Come on Sam ( Samaira was too long to call so I started calling her Sam) you just come to Gurgaon rest is my duty.

I had made a lot of plan in my mind but never gave her any hint by any mistake because she is intelligent enough to catch my tricks.

During her exams her schedules were pathetic so I disturbed her less. I already had her routine so that her studies did not get hampered.

After the exams she went to Mumbai to stay with her cousins for almost 1month.

On 5th may they were set for the Trip. They reached Delhiand stayed for some days there and they reached Gurgaon on 10th of May.

I went to pick them up and I have arranged a room for rent beside my apartment

We never met each other so I was a bit confused that whether she will rectify me or not.

Suddenly my phone was ringing andSamaira calling

She: Turn around

Me: Hi. What? Oh. Whereareyou?

She: Arivaan turn around

Me: Wait.

I turned around and saw her with a Rust colour

T-shirt and blue jeans and floral print scarf with her glasses and a top knot.

I was starring at her

She came near me and winked and broke my concentration

She: What?

Me: You recognised me?

She: Do you think I m blind?

Me: No you are beautiful

She smiled and said: Let’s go

Me: We need to take a cab and some of you

can come with me in my car.

She: Guys lets go and will do the introduction

session after we reach home

We are 8 of us.

Me: You are going with me right?

She: Let me think, ok I will go.

We reached the home

She: Wow nice choice.

Me: Thank you. Youpeople make yourself comfortable and I will give all the information by evening

She: Arivaan you know everyone I guess

Me: Yeah I know everyone we r the people of

21st century and face book is there. By

the way you said 9 of you are coming

then Who’s missing?

She: Rishabh, he ditched us at the last moment

Me: Ohhoo. It’s ok. You guys get fresh up and meet you people within 2hours. I know a

good place for lunch. And boys it’s only

one washroom here if you want you can use mine.

Gourav: I guess it’s a good option but how far is your home?

Me: It’s just the next apartment

Samaira: Then you guys go to his room and let the ladies enjoy here

Raghav: You girls are so mean.

Anika: Go guys.

Abhirup: guys leave them. Let’s go.

Samaira: see you people soon.

After almost 2hours the boys were done so just to check whether the girls are done or not we called the girls

Me: Hi, Sam are you guys done?

From the other side of the phone: it’s Elina

here. We need 1hour more

Me: it’s really fine. Take your time.

Raghav snatched the phone: we are hungry

Elina: Even we are. But Pratibha didn’t even

Got the chance to use washroom

Within an hour the girls were ready and the called us

Samaira: Yes Arivaan we are done.

Me: You guys come downstairs we are alreadywaiting.

All d girls were well dressed but Sam was looking stunning

She wore a long sleeveless top of blue colour and a black jeans with a pony tail and her all time glasses.

Me: You are looking stunning

Sam: Oh really? Thank you

Aisa: We are very hungry. Where to go?

Me: There is a Chinese restaurant.

Anika:how far?

Me: 5-7mins walking

Sam: Great

We reached the restaurant

And everyone ordered food and was full as all were hungry

Pratibha: Guys today I won’t b able to go somewhere. I need rest

Anika: So even me

Sam: Everyone should sleep as all are tired

Gourav: Let’s sit and hangout at our place

Me and Sam simultaneously: That’s a good


So we all moved to our room

And everyone changed their dresses and wore their night outfits even I went to my room to wear trousers.

I was even impressed by her floral print trouser yellow t-shirt and her top knot and glasses.

We all had a lot of gossips and I had not realised for once that they are her friends.

We went to the same restaurant for dinner

Me: If you guys want you can sleep with me.

As I m on a holiday of 4days more.

Sam: Holiday for what?

Me: You guys are coming and how could I

Leave you guys alone?

Sam: But no need we can manage

Me: If you people don’t want me to join you

guys then its fine but I had already

applied forholidays

Sam: Shut up

Abhirup: We people are coming to sleep with


Ayu: But guys it’s our trip. How could you

people ditch us?

Abhirup: Chill guys we need some boys


Elina: Good even we also need privacy for our

girlish talk.

The girls went to their room and 3 boys came with me.

And whole night we spend talking

Abhirup: You like Sam right?

Me: Yes but how do you know

Gourav: Even she likes you we all know but

she would not confess that

Me: But

Raghav: but it’s that you people can’t confess

Me: I tried to say her even I said her that I like

her but she replied that she don’t want

any relationships

Gourav: We know that because she thinks

that relationshipsare extra burden

Raghav: So if u has to be in a relationship

with her you have to take care of that

Abhirup: She is a self dependent girl and she

Needs her space. At least give her

that much of space and liberty

Me: I know all these. But I don’t want to lose her friendship for getting her relationship

Raghav: Why don’t u take her for a date?


Gourav: Fantastic

Me: No no she won’t

Abhirup: It’s our duty to confess her

and i guess the girls were also awake because we all woke up late next day.

After breakfast we went to move around here and there and returned around 8. 30pm.

Then around 10pm we all had our dinner and that day the boys went to stay with d girls.

Ayu: You people with us?

Abhirup: Yes

Elina: Why you people don’t need boy’s privacy?

Sam: Arivaan take them

Gourav said something in Anika’s ear and after that no one said a single word.

Next morning when we met for breakfast

Abhirup: What you are going to give us?

Me: She agreed?

Abhirup: Told you it’s our responsibility

Gourav: Today let the girls give her tips to

look beautiful and we would suggest


I couldn’t look at her while having breakfast

After breakfast when we were going to my room

Sam: Arivaan

Me (shit why she is calling): yes

Sam: come here


Sam: nothing. Bye. Seeyou in the evening

For the whole day no one uttered a single word for lunch and her friends planned the date under a open sky at night

Me: she will hit me. If at 9pm in the night I

would take her to the date.

Abhirup: yes and she would go.

Gourav: We have confessed her at that level


  1. 50pm all the boys were waiting downstairs for the girls to come down as they planned to send us on a date and even they will hangout for the whole night

The girls were coming down and all were looking gorgeous but the moment I saw Sam my eyes got sticked to her

She wore a red knee length shirt style dress with red heels, gorgeous earrings, open hair, her glasses, maroon lipstick, and white wrist watch.

I went near her and said: I never saw such a

beautiful girl in my life.

You are really my princess.

Sam: oh really? Even you are looking very handsome

Elina: will u guys go or will stand here and

complement each other?

Me: yeah yeah. Shall we?

Sam(smiling): sure

Then we reached the spot

The area was under the open sky, orchids everywhere and rose carpet and a soft music in the background.

Sam: wow the place is so beautiful

Me: you liked it?

Sam: I loved it.

Me: let’s go and sit

Sam: wow purple table cloth?

Me:yeah your favourite colour.

Cool breeze was flowing and she was enjoying it

Sam: I never knew that dates are so Wonderful

Me: will you please dance with me?

Sam: one condition. SRK songs.

Me: sure. Tuje dekha to ye jana sanam

Suraj hua maddham Janam janam Gerua Zaalima

All were played one after the other

We were dancing

I was hypnotised by her beauty.

Then after having dinner while having deserts she was just enjoying the atmosphere.

I sat on my knees

Me: Miss Samaira Sengupta I fell for you from the day I saw you.

Will you be my girlfriend?

I know u need your space and my relationship would never a burden to you.

Sam (shocked). She had no words to say.

Me: no need to answer I just don’t want to lose you.

Somewhere from behind everyone said chorously Sam say “yes”

Sam: you people?

Anika: yes us

Ayu: Sam say yes.

Gourav: Arivaan don’t get up until and unless

She says yes

Me: will you?

Sam: yes

Everyone shouted “wooowww”

I hugged her and even she and I kissed her on her forehead and said

“ my relationship would never be a burden to you and you will lead the life that you were living only my designation had changed from a good friend to your life partner but rather than that everything else is Same and I know what a Forehead kiss means to a girl. I just want to be with you at any cost. I love you Samaira”

She just smiled and hugged me


After the date they had extended the trip in Gurgaon for 2days more and cancelled the rest of the trip.

After she returned from the trip we both informed our families and our families agreed.

We both are focused with our careers. We give each other enough time and space and liberty.

I have learned a thing from her

“Relationships were, are and will always be about Understandings and Bonding”

©Ayantika Saha

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Twitter :- @AyantikaSaha5

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