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The Chocolate Alphabet

About the Book

Could you imagine that every alphabet from A-Z can be linked with chocolates? Every letter has multiple relations with chocolate viz-a-viz Aroma/Addiction, History/ Heritage, Truffles/ Tips and so on. Well, I couldn’t have imagined this till I started to pen down my ideas.

Did you know that Hershey’s Chocolate center exists where you can ride around and see the real world of chocolates? Or Chocolate Museums exist? The book would give you an insight about all those things that you may or may not imagine! How it has expanded to the beautification industry and has reached our rooms as pleasing aromas? Why are women more attracted to chocolates, what is the chemical connection to our brain, why is it a popular gift for people in love, why does it make us feel delighted when we grab it under stress..

So you are already thinking !! Here is a book that would just let you unveil deeper and deeper

About the Author

Smriti Bhatiya

Grab your copy 

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