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Still I Need You…!

Pradyumna belonged to a farmer’s family living downtown, in Visakhapatnam where the normal

families lived in. His father was a farmer and mother working as an Anganwadi teacher.

whereas Pratyusha had a luxurious living style, she was the only daughter and her father was a

known businessman of the city. To be exact, Pratyusha had a good and rich life. She lived in a

prodigious duplex house uptown, in Visakhapatnam, received high education. Most importantly,

she had a loving family. They used to go for outing on every weekends.

Pratyusha had a good life until her father was faced with bankruptcy. Few years later her

father’s profit in his business plunged down because of some new trader introduced into that

market and instantly grabbed the attention of his clients. That put him in great loss in his

business and the situations made them to move to the downtown area in the city where

Pradyumna and his family were living.

For first time when Pradyumna saw Pratyusha and after that, he let out the courage to say

“Hello” to her and she looked up after scratching the dirt then smiling at him with a hassle free

smile. From then, Pradyumna and Pratyusha instantly became best friends and very close to

each other. They were like good neighbours, honest and dye heart lovers. Pradyumna like to

think that Pratyusha loved him as much as he loved her.

Pratyusha now admitted to the nearby Govt. Senior Secondary School, as her family was now

not capable of affording private school fees and all needs as before. Pradyumna was also in

that school and coincidentally Pratyusha and Pradyumna both were in same class. He was

delighted as their backyard was also connected and there was no fence in between so they

could see each other whenever they wanted to.

However, good days and happy times didn’t last very long. Suddenly a black day came through

Pratyusha’s beautiful life. Unluckily her parents met a road accident and passed away. That was

very much painful time for Pratyusha. Then after she used to stay with one of her uncle’s

(Paternal Uncle) house, which was in the same colony. Her uncle had a ‘low’ living condition

and except Pratyusha and him there was no one staying in that house. Days passed on. Her

uncle stopped working and started drinking alcohol.

One day, Pradyumna heard the front door of Pratyusha’s house opened and some noise was

coming out of that house. He guessed that it was Pratyusha’s uncle so he continued with what

he was doing until he froze at the sound of glass shattering from their drawing room. There were

more noises and Pradyumna was scared because he had never seen such incidents in his life.

That time Pradyumna’s father was in his rice field, and mother was in her duty. Pradyumna was

alone in home. He continued to listen while frozen.

Pradyumna heard the door of Pratyusha’s back yard opening so he ran to the back yard

knowing that it would be his best friend Pratyusha. He found her crying behind the bushes while

her dresses were torn, she was covered in cuts and bruises. Pradyumna didn’t know what it was

suddenly but he came to know that it was abusing. She was crying and crying for a long time

and Pradyumna tried to convince and comfort her.

After that incident, Pratyusha and Pradyumna became more close in their friendship and a few

days later, Pratyusha told Pradyumna his uncle begged her to forgive him and that he over

drank. However, Pradyumna found she was getting a beating every single day because the

number of bruises she had kept on increasing. That kept on continuing with Pratyusha day by

day. Once Pratyusha’s cruel uncle pushed her down the verandah and she fell down over the

verandah leaving a fractured skull and a nearly broken hand. That was when Pradyumna’s

father called the police. The police came and arrested her uncle. That was the last time

Pradyumna saw Pratyusha’s uncle.

Being the only daughter from such a rich, generous family, Pratyusha never expected what was

happening with her one by one. Her destiny made her an orphan in a very teen age, she was

abused by her uncle with whom she was staying after her parents.

But now after the police arrested her uncle, Pratyusha continued living alone in that house but

was feeling more safe and comfort. The School Principal came to know all her problems, he

referred her name for a scholarship and encouraged her to continue her study without any

hurdles. Her friendship with Pradyumna also became closer and they met each other every day.

As they were always together until the point everyone would always say ‘and Jodi No. 1’.

Pradyumna and Pratyusha both were grew up and overcome many difficulties together. Now

they both took admission in a Co-Ed Govt. College. Being in a Government college, all the boy

and girl students from different family backgrounds were there. Few months later once

Pradyumna started feeling something different whenever he sees Pratyusha. Unexpectedly he

was feeling an under current inside him whenever he touches her. The days passed in this way

and a time came he started understanding it’s a crush developed in his heart for his bestest

friend Pratyusha. Pratyusha was slim, pretty. Before he realised he was in love with Pratyusha,

whenever she smiled or said hi to him, he was feeling his heart would flutter and he would

stutter while blushing. He was always thinking about Pratyusha, his first love. He was always

thinking whether Pratyusha would come and hug him, pat him on the head and let him treat her

like as if she was the precious diamond to him in the whole entire universe. But as Pradyumna

was a shy natured boy, though unable to express or propose her.

Pradyumna always there with Pratyusha in any of her situations but she always saw him as a

friend and always answered that we were just friends. Time passed, Pradyumna could feel his

dreams were

disapproved by Pratyusha. The failure in love weakened their perceptions. Now they decided to

stay away from each other.

While Pradyumna was heartbroken at the thought. He cried and cried. He didn’t get out of his

room and kept on crying without eating, drinking and going to college. He felt like his heart was

being broken to pieces but all he could think of was when Pratyusha was always with him.

The day passed and their relation turned cold and now they were ignoring each other.

Pradyumna missed Pratyusha badly but he knew that she wouldn’t come back because of the

many hurtful words they had exchanged with each other. He didn’t know why he was thinking

about Pratyusha when he should be crying, but he always kept on crying silently in darkness

and when no one were present in home he was listening the hindi song loudly :

“ Dil ki baat. . rahe is dil mein. .

Honthon tak na aae. . na aae. .

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

Dil roya ki aankh bhar aayi

Dil roya ki aankh bhar aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna. .

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

Dil roya ki aankh bhar aayi

Dil roya ki aankh bhar aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna. .

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

O Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna. .

Tujhe har khushi de di

Labon ki hansi de di

Zulfon ki ghata laharaayi

Paigaam wafaa ke laayi

Tu ne achchhi preet nibhaayi

Tu ne achchhi preet nibhaayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna. .

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna. .

Wo chaand mere ghar-aangan

Ab to aayega, Ab to aayega. .

Tere sune is aanchal ko

Woh bhar jaayega. .

Teri kar di god bharaayi

Teri kar di god bharaayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

Dil roya ki aankh bhar aayi

Dil roya ki aankh bhar aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi. .

Aa. . Aa Aa. . Aa. . Aa Aa. .

Oo. . maahiya. . Oo. . maahiya. .

Khata ho gayi mujh se

Kaha kuchh nahin tum se

Ikaraar jo tum kar paate

To duur kabhi na jaate

Koi samajhe na peer piraayi

Koi samajhe na peer piraayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna. .

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

Dil roya ki aankh bhar aayi

Dil roya ki aankh bhar aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna. .

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab kya kehna

Tujhe yaad na meri aayi

Kisi se ab. . kya kehna. . “

In the other hand, after Pradyumna, Pratyusha got many new friends and she was ok with them.

Once she went to a birthday party with her bestie Bidushi and friends. There she met with a boy

Brijesh. She had originally planned not to attend that party but she did. That day would bring

another change in her life once again. When she first saw him it was love at first sight. He was

breathtakingly handsome and smart in every aspect. She had developed a crush within an


At the party they did multiple things as a group such as sit around talking, go to the Jagdamba

Theatre to watch movie and even went to Daspalla, a known Restaurant in Visakhapatnam.

Pratyush started enjoying his company, they would laugh together and to her surprise Brijesh

asked for her mobile number. She gave it and they started texting each other.

Brijesh was the type to go ahead first and hope for the best. One months in he had kissed her

forehead. To her it was unexpected, but she loved this.

Six months into the relationship she had decided, she loved Brijesh a lot. He meant so much to

her and she would make sure he knew it. So she bought him a silver bracelet with as a

celebration for being together for six months. Then after many ups and downs came in their

path of love and relation but they continued.

Many days passed, Once Pratyusha’s best friend Bidushi showed her a picture where Brijesh

kissing another girl Isha, one of the juniors of their college which she captured in her mobile.

After seeing such an intimate kissing scene of Brijesh and Isha, Pratyusha felt heartbroken and

cried. After that day Pratyusha’s relationship with Brijesh continued and same went as her cold

relationship with Pradyumna. She was wondering an right opportunity to ask these all to Brijesh,

when all her friends were present as well as Isha. Two days later Pratyusha found that

opportunity and wanted to check if the picture was true or not. She asked Brijesh, what the hell

he was doing with that junior girl Isha in that picture. . ! Brijesh suddenly got quiet and said,

“I’m sorry… if you have any problem, we can break up. . !!! I mean like we can still be…”

Pratyusha didn’t listen to the rest. It felt like a wave of emotion just slapped her. Stunned, she

slowly walked out of that place as the crowd stared at her. she felt insult and hurt. She rushed to

home and closed herself in her room. Cried and cried like a kid. Now she was missing

Pradyumna, her bestest childhood buddy very badly. In between she did not realize when she

fell into deep sleep.

There was a timid knock on the door. Pratyusha didn’t respond. It was probably her friend

Bidushi. . Then the door opened. It was Pradyumna…. . !!!! Pradyumna’s face expression was a

mixed emotion of shock and surprise. She don’t know why but as soon as she saw Pradyumna

once again in front of her, she started crying all over again and Pradyumna rushed over

hugging her and comforting her.

After a few minutes, Pratyusha stopped crying and started to feel a bit awkward about the point

that Pradyumna hugged her and was still hugging her now.

“Why did you come?” Pratyusha asked.

“Because I was worried about you, you dumbass. “ Pradyumna’s answer was short but it made

her smile once again. She saw Pradyumna blushing.

Both of them unsure of what to say. Both believing that they were there to end their

misunderstandings. However, they embraced eachother for a moment. And as they did all their

emotions came rushing in at once. Pratyusha started to shake from grief. Suddenly afraid of

ever losing the real boy of her life that stood before her. They looked eachother in the eyes and

held eachothers gazes for a moment until their lips met and they kissed eachother passionately

for what felt like hours.

Suddenly Pratyusha, opened her eyes and rubbed them. Wandering here and there, but

Pradyumna was not there. She cried with tearing eyes,

Pradyumna. . . Pradyumna…. . !!!

No reply she got. She could feel now It was a dream. But now she was needing Pradyumna

deadly who would hug her, pamper her, cuddle her and comfort her. She was missing him like a

mad now.

In the morning Pratyusha awoke and went to her kitchen to make a coffee. Saw there was no

milk. She just changed her dress and walked to the nearest Milk Stall. But surprisingly she

confronted Brijesh there who had cheated her. When she saw him, she burnt in anger and

swore for a few minutes loudly about how he was a tapori boy and slapped him across the


in the middle of the market area as he did with her. The whole public was there to watch the

show and Pratyusha felt lighter, happier and proud, and most of all, she was happy because

she took revenge in the same style.

However, in the evening Pratyusha mustered the courage to meet Pradyumna. She made her

mind to say a Big Sorry to him to Reassuring him over and over again that she did not indeed

wish for what had happened at all.

And thus they spent around an year with no contact, she was of course upset. Not at him but it

was hard for her to deal with this as she had never really faced so. She closed her eyes for few

moments and opened. Now she decided that in the end, She chose Pradyumna and should

trust him, love him for ever till the Last breath of her life once after they reunited.

Pratyusha reached near Pradyumna’s residence. While searching for him, she received a news

from the street people that Pradyumna and his family now moved to a place close to VUDA, in

Visakhapatnam. Anyhow she collected his address and reached his home. Except Pradyumna,

nobody were there in his home. Pradyumna just shocked when he saw Pratyusha at his door.

He was speechless. What to say, how to react. . he did not understand. But his eyes could not

stop his tears of happiness. To be truthful Pradyumna was always nice to Pratyusha. He was

nice to everybody. Thinking about it now, Pratyusha never asked him whether in between this

gap he loved any girl or not. But in real, Pradyumna was also missing Pratyusha a lot. His love

for Pratyusha was so pure. Many nights he spent sleepless.

Now Pratyusha could not stop herself hugging him tightly as she was missing him very badly.

After getting his dreamgirl in his hug he was in a thought whether it was a dream or happening

in real. The fragrance of love brought both of them more close to each other. Pradyumna could

not stop himself and kissed Pratyusha passionately. Even she did not resist him. She just hold

him tighter and was feeling his love madly, She was forgetting all her stress and sadness while

being kissed and pampered by Pradyumna. No words exchanged until the end of that kiss. Only

the words “I Love You. “ “ Still I need You” seemed to say in unison and these words echoed in

their heads afterwards. Now they promised to never leave each other’s hand in any situations in

thier life.

Pradyumna opened his college bag and there was a platinum plated gold ring wriiten “P Loves

P” over it. Pratyusha received that ring, kissed it and wore it.

Now Pradyumna played Kishore Kumar’s most romantic Hindi music in his mobile :

“ O saathi re, tere bina bhi kya jina, tere bina bhi kya jina

O saathi re, tere bina bhi kya jina, tere bina bhi kya jina

Phoolon mein khaliyon mein sapnon ki galiyon mein

Phoolon mein khaliyon mein sapnon ki galiyon mein

Tere bina kuchh kahin naa

Tere binaa bhi kya jina

O saathi re. .

Tere binaa bhi kya jina

Tere binaa bhi kya jina

Har dhadkan mein, pyaas hai teri

Saanson mein teri khushboo hai

Is dharthi se us ambar tak

Meri nazar mein tu hi tu hai

Pyaar yeh toote na

Pyaar yeh toote na

Tu mujhse roote na

Saath yeh choote kabhi na

Tere bhina bhi kya jina

O saathi re. .

Tere bhina bhi kya jina

Tere bhina bhi kya jina

Tujh bin jogan, meri raaten

Tujh bin mere din banjaare

Mera jeevan jalti bhumi

Bujhe bujhe mere sapne saare

Tere bina meri

Tere bina meri, mere bina teri

Yeh zindagi zindagi na

Tere bina bhi kya jina

O saathi re

Now they decided to get marry and Pradyumna talked to his parents on this regards. His

parents had known Pratyusha very well since her childhood, hence they agreed and fixed a

good day. Two months later the holy moment came in their life and they married. Both

continued a happy life now and one year later they blessed with a baby girl as the best

signature of their beautiful love life. Today in the darkness of the night, Pratyusha was not

feeling alone at all. In presence of her husband Pradyumna, with fulfillment of her all dreams

she continued a beautiful romantic life ahead with him.

©Umasankar Sahu

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