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Social Trap of Social Networking

‘Distractions’—the word visually describes something which is also a work, but has an ill-effect within. We get happiness from it so that the ‘Distractions’ distract & derail us from the real motive of ‘life’. These distractions would be materialistic, a living person or out of that two spheres, which serve us pleasure contrary from ultimate life-building pain. The magnetic field of that is so strong enough to attract positively or negatively charged particle. Note that word ‘particle’ as aimless or destination less human-being who is a mere particle. They eat, sleep, have sex and give birth, pass away fluently. They leave in natural habit but they are dead before the mundane opacity. ‘Distractions’ feed us which we like to have, other than what we are !

Whatsoever when I was an infant, the four walls of my house was a jail itself. Like every child then I wish to be free as the playground and nature clutches my eyes and sinew. Nowdays the web of websites jailed some early-birds who love their nest very much. Even their mom and dad indirectly help them to do so. As it is the safest place in earth. If a bird loves its nest, it will have useless wings like our appendix. It can’t learn the language of the sky, can see stars at night but can’t touch the clouds at daytime. Treeshade will be its ever-companion but it can’t tell stories to the shining sun. As it loves something which is a trap itself. Infact it doesn’t love it;likes it and used to it. That’s why the coin of distraction shows the other facade of ‘attraction’. As they don’t think ‘Mark’ didn’t use ‘Facebook’ before making ‘Facebook’. He has made it to serve his own circle and after that the billions of earth are served also. But we have started to serve that ‘f’ signed mobile application undoubtedly. Those ‘blue’, ‘green’ and lot more colors are very much close to the youth and similar childish olds also. They make time to waste it and find leisure to destroy it. Their significant role has reflected on their own family and mostly on their early-birds. Even they don’t think of the future, they live the present to spoil the future.

We know everything on this earth have a well use and an ill-use; by our choice how we judge the system as on. But liking the same room mates profile picture and saying “he is looking great!”, is not a social thing at all. This way of introvert living binds us to the network of virtual world neither makes us social nor living. A student who dreams to be a doctor, must draw attention on his studies rather than finding ethical values pondering over their facebook wall’s meme and pictures ! Those who want to be friendly must friend zone their next door neighbours first, rather than sending them friend request on social medias to stay connected. The ‘lol’ and ‘lolwa’ have over reached our inner laugh and humor! If anyone tries to make an fake account with female’s outline, they will get account of what is the actual game of that busy ‘Hi-full’ world. That proneness of social-blinding has showed national flags on red letter days, but they haven’t any knowledge about the meaning of national symbols that reflected on the flags. They motivate others, even they don’t think about that they are realy motivated or not ? Even they didn’t know about motivation and inspiration! Inspiration is the speed of our life-cycle and the acceleration is our motivation. They didn’t know that so that they say they are ‘motivated’ but they are truly inspiration less persons.

A light can enlighten others by burning itself. In this era of ‘cries’ and ‘need’, we need messiahs, leaders who burn themselves to light others. We need hand to hand support on the dark alleys of hedonism. But the anti-force only showed us to ‘share’ and ‘liking’. They can ‘comment’ but they have troubles to comment on what is going on ! By writing a post on personal emotion can dirt other’s mind and the storm of likes only help them to do so. Vomiting depression on walls can bring temporary satisfaction but long-lasting depression only. Tears are the words which need to be written and the tears must be of real moral values. A person who calls a rikshaw-puller in an inferior tone can’t boost respect on sharing the picture of a ‘handicapped rikshaw-puller’. They share something which they fear to share on real world, they post something which they dare to do in their actual livings. But somehow they are social and the people out of that are ashtrayed. They virtualized and cursed others in the ‘harras-box’ and keep posting on ‘love’. They go ‘live’ to show their living not to entertain others. Even they try to inspire but luckily their ego converts it into show-off. Nowdays a flowerless world needs a pleasant flower on their wallpaper rather than nourishing it in their own barren land. The actual game of that social-work is far beyond the applications and thoughts. As it is a social-enslavement.

We always try to calculate the overall sum of other’s mistakes, but we never dare to put finger on us. As the application of beauty-plus has filled our face-blemish and we are beautified also! But how can we shed our mental and inner dirt by that beauty of editing world. We try to fix our time to make it constructive but the destruction comes when we log in again! We go round and round on the merry-go-round and the giant wheel gives us thrill. We don’t realize the giant wheel is also running for a certain time as we have paid them to do so. We can buy a candle to hold it to protest and keep selfies on, but the real man is buried inside before. But the selfies must be on then because the facebooking and twittering world is still tweeting on our mind. If we make something constructive and go for it, its a very good deal. When we show it externally that deviates others too.

If we want to be social we must socialize ourself first not others. To socialize you need to go out and inhale the fresh air, touch the petals of a new-born flower and smell it. You don’t need to use a deo to veil the sweat as the nature can’t smell your awws and ewws ! She is only for giving not for taking. If we want to be out of the box we need to unwrap the box at first. A sorrowful person can share tears a greedy man can only share fear. If you go to meet a real happy person, you don’t need a conversation;his presence is the key of your happiness too. We don’t need to change the facebooking or whatsapping world if we change ourself and our moral values the world will be new for you as on ‘Bedanta’_”Jatha Dristi Tatha Sristi”. It means you don’t need to change the world as if you change your views the world will be as it was and is.

Try to illuminate for them who need your charm, don’t facebook them but face them by putting your face out of the book. Try to be a twitter to the unsung slums where a drop of water creates chaotic lyrics. Imagine your self to whatsapp with the whole forests and barren lands where a mobile-tower is like a scare-crow. Be the light to light the bulbs of the bulb less ones. Don’t use yours flashlight of costly phone to enlighten them, just try to open your eyes there are thousand of flashlights which are waiting for your release.

Last but not the least, living and leaving isn’t a game at all. The real game lies on living and living. Don’t be a mere physical structure which stands on only “Survival of the fittest”, be fit to help others. We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone. Socially we help others to share the virtue of us. Don’t do social work for fame, as competition only gives pain in our mindset. If you help 100 children by giving them notebooks, don’t think your work is done, you have to help them how to use it in constructive ways. We stop after giving only notebooks because the agenda stops there. We post it and we feel cozy at our warm bed. But then we don’t think some more children need that bed to sleep, need warm clothes to wear. The person who is philanthropic now on social medias, will be a realistic one after seeing the world out of the phone’s cage. Beacuse he has seen what he tries to see. He can’t face the problems as he is satisfied earlier by using his fingers on social medias. They groove in safe and wake up safe, they can’t think about the way of unsafe living.

You don’t need money to help others you need a mindset of helping only! First of all you need to accustomed with nature first. As each and everyone in this earth connects the anecdotes of lives. We are all connected to nature so that which pulls us apart from the nature, we have to apart from them first. Thus we can realy help and save others. We recharge our data balance to count the likes on our recent profile picture and others, just save a little coin daily from that big amount of sum and at the last day of that month you can feed a child crying at the barren footpath. Do you know what is main problem of God in this era ? He doesn’t have fit instruments to save his creation! Hey, so we blame God for our problems and bad conditions which are created by us. Don’t blame someone on facebook or in real life, first learn to put fingers on own-self.

If we want to save this planet and others don’t facebook them or socialize them; try to change ourselves and do good for you. Then we can save the earth and help others! As Buddha said,

“ If you light a lamp for someone it will bright up your own path “.






©Sudip Das gupta

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