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Review of “Indian Women And Shaadi Conundrum” by Shelo Aura

About the Book

Once Indian women complete their education or get jobs, they have to face the most dreaded question, which is “Shaadikabkarogi?” Be it your excited friends, worrisome relatives or inquisitive neighbours, people make it their life’s mission to ensure that you find a suitable match. The Shaadi Conundrum starts when you reach the so-called marriageable age and continues way beyond, once you get married, as there are a plethora of issues which we call ‘adjustments’ in India, that are considered ‘normal’ even if they are driving you nuts. From the pre-wedding phase to the post wedding phase, the book highlights the different issues that crop up, the reasons and effective solutions, which will be immensely beneficial for all urban women who are in the process of looking for grooms or have been married recently. The book contains useful tips, self-assessment checklists which will help women in dealing with conflicts and in decoding the relationship dynamics.

My take

It is custom that decides which word have to be chosen while projecting ancient stereotypes, which lend a kind of beauty accompanied with knowledge leading to a majestic style of delight .These Are the galaxy of ideas, made by two women; for the welfare of Indian women .Commencing with varying mere sentences to miniature essays, this book has dealt with the basic issues which is faced by our contemporary brides. In fictional usage of sublime fantasy, brave notions and gentile expressions were symmetrically  awesome .The extensive danger which is spreading like a wild fire in the present reign has been a major reason for this work of adoration .It is just albeit mere writing ,of with love which has touched the soul of many married women .


Mellow Shades in the header “Indian women “, is thoroughly an eye catcher .Blended combo of Royal purple with a pale touch of mauve is ravishing .Hardcover bind is an icing, to a perfectly well written book. Number of errors in typing arena. Each page are assured with quality, which raises the serotonin level of the bibliophile in me .Contemplation over the daily problems, stinging many lives are given a wide and deep study. The Header is relatable .Sentences are carefully wrought and artistically combined into paragraphs; the diction has a richness. SIMPLICITY WITH SUBLIMITY IS THE BEST PART. Has a style with grace and dignity, heart searching simplicity, and a certain magical enlightenment .There are some rapturous outburst of energy in descriptive passages. There are also some organic countenances, the words has delivered.

The slight casualties of common life -such an incident and everyday pictures are so immensely animate. Characters are developed with minuteness and accuracy .They are ordinary people, but convincingly alive .The methods of portrayal is based upon acute observation and a quiet but incisive irony .Male leads are thaw and tender ,while some female leads are unexceptionable in perfection. The presentation of real life with accuracy and breadth, telecasts them as masters of technique .A warmth of human understanding with naturalness is splendid. Somber dominance of the laws are neatly brought out.

Only a regular exercise of the braided words would take women into a leading path .A best gift to a young women you can ever present .Am so grateful for the writer ,for sending me such a beautiful piece .

About the Writer’s:

Dr. Rachna Arora is a psychologist, blogger, poet and the co-founder of, an online initiative to empower, motivate and inspire women. With a PhD in Psychology and years of counselling experience, she is actively involved in assisting women of all ages seeking solutions to their psychological, emotional and relational problems, enabling them to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Deepika Sharma is a writer, blogger, editor and the co-founder of, an online initiative through which she inspires women and helps them discover their true potential. Her writings have primarily been an attempt to empower modern Indian women as they juggle with family expectations, societal norms and their careers.

Publisher: Authorspress; Ist Edition edition (2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9352073754

ISBN-13: 978-9352073757

Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars 

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