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Pratibha Malav Author of “A Kind Of Commitment”

How does an idea for a story come to you? 

 Pratibha: – Just like that, I always want to do something creative and ‘A Kind Of Commitment’ happened. I was in 12th when the idea of writing a story crossed my mind. Writing is fun, writing is meditation.


You have a huge fan following, how do you handle writing, studies and social media with this much following?

 Pratibha: – Fan following: Yeah, I have huge followers on social media. How do I manage them? Well, whenever I have time I reply to everyone. Hence the day pre-order for my book started (5th August) I get 1k+ messages all day and I have to reply to them at night (between 12 to 3 mostly).


What is the highlight of your book?

 Pratibha: – ‘A Kind Of Commitment’ teaches you not to regret over happened things. You can’t change your past by crying. So, you’ve to think differently if you want a better (no scarier) future. Use your charms to lighten up your life and other as well.


How much you relate yourself to the protagonist?

Pratibha: – ‘Mausami’ the main character of my book loves photography. So, do I, she is someone who never follows the rules. I’m someone who always follows the heart. She’s mad to get the ultimate. She wants heights. Her career is her first priority over anything. Everybody should be like her. But she lives a life full of regrets which is unfair. At the end of the story she learns not to regret over anything no matter how destroyed you feel inside, just don’t have regrets in your pocket. Have fire, have ice, but no grudges!


Which genre do you like to write and read?

Pratibha: – Well, I love to write about regrets, commitments, and plans. People have regrets in their hearts and ruin the future. Most of the people don’t value the commitments. There are only few who follow their heart and reach the heights. So, I love writing about ultimate, traveling and yeah, freedom (girly).


Who is your favorite author and book? Why?

Pratibha: – I like every kind of book. Every book is my favorite and every writer is a hero. It takes a hell of time and patience to publish a book, so you can’t find the shortcomings out.


What inspired you to write? Is it your passion or just hobby?

Pratibha: – Nobody, writing is like some kind of meditation. I completely zone out when I write something. Writing is love. what would I do without it, I wonder? Life has completely changed after my debut book and I’m enjoying it.


When did you write, any particular time or it depends on the idea?

Pratibha: – Well, depends on mood. I mostly write at nights when there’s silence all around me. Sometimes some particular line crosses through the mind (no matter where I’m in class or having food) I just look for pen and paper. I guess every writer does that.


What are your biggest accomplishment and biggest fear?

Pratibha: – Biggest accomplishment? Even I don’t know yet. Yeah, I’m like that.

Biggest fear? Having myself somewhere in the mid of dark. I never want to stop. I never want to get tired. I want to write much and more. And I’m sure my writing will inspire thousands of people.


Did you plan your next book? 

Pratibha: – Yeah, even I’ve finalized the title. But that book would happen after 2 years (18-20 months). There’s a solid reason behind it. I’m a second-year student. I’ve to plan my next college so I need to focus on studies. Managing writing and studies is a tough call and parents want to see me settled. so, this is for them. I’m working on the first draft of my second book but would publish it after 2 years. Second book’s going to work I bet. A kind of commitment was a journey second book is a destination. At the time being, I’m enjoying the journey. I’m not in the hurry to reach the destination.


What is your message to other budding authors?

Pratibha: – Hey! Write from the heart. Write what makes you happy rather than thinking what people like. Be you. Be best. Good luck…


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