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Poems by Kriti Singh

How can I compliment you?

Anyone may fall for the way you disagree for any point.

The way you raised your eyebrows and express your point by your hand movements or facial expression.

Anyone may fall for the pout you made while clicking and that too with full confidence

And how strangely it suits you so well.

Anyone may fall for the smile that comes on your face when your favorite food arrives on the table.

And the way you love food immensely.

Anyone may fall for the excitement you show when you see your favorite color.

And the way your favorite colour creates incantation in your life.

Anyone may fall for the way you care about your friend’s.

The way you feed them food or the way you asked them to eat.

It proves your caring towards them.

How can I describe the way you made your hairs, that rough tough style you made?

The puff and the hairs with hair clips; all adds beauty to your style.

How I describe your beauty in ethnic.

It makes you look more angelic.

It adds more dazzling beauty in your personality.

None combination of 26 letters can describe that beauty.

The adjectives are less to define your resplendent and alluring looks in Indian dress.

How I can tell the Orange lipstick suits you like hell.

Or the way you use any other shades; those serenities anyone can fall for.

How I began to tell you that your sunglasses are as amazing as you are. Even the poses with sunglasses can make anyone fall.

That cute expression on your face when you say “My right profile is much good”.

That may steal many hearts in seconds.

The way you scold your friend when they don’t listen You, or the way you taught them how to tackle the problems or the way you love them.

It compliments your nature.

That annoyed stupid face when you noticed, the neatness spoils your makeup or making you look duller.

That cute innocent baby face.

The way you avoid problems or the way you forgive or the way you use your words of wisdom.

That highlight how good human being you are.

But the best part arrives when all your reactions getting synchronised with your deep sienna and deep beautiful eyes.

©Kriti Singh

Broken Friendship

It was a broken friendship with infinite memories.

People always say, they are cute when they are together.

But little did they know, excess of anything create harm.

Heavens too get converted into hell anytime.

They use to fight for each other.

They use to care for eAch other.

They use to bring gifts for each other.

But now, every thing has changed.

Their paradise is no more paradise.

Now, they are fighting with eAch other.

They stopped caring for each other.

They stopped making each other feel special.

The appreciation converted into back bitching.

The sharing and caring formula converted into I don’t wanna see you.

All the secrets promise once made, now broken.

All the deep conversation once done, now crying see them fighting.

All the comfort that a shoulder gave once, now crying for hug each other.

Eyes are waiting for one signal to get back together.

Ears are waiting for one sweet message from each end.

Hands are waiting to hold each other.

Memories are waiting to create magic.

Love ones are waiting to see them together.

Sometimes, a crack is way more than enough to build the crack forever.

Was it right to forget all the memories and love?

No, but giving people chance to make fun of your friendship is wrong.

Always stand strong.

Let them see you have potential to get back together.

©Kriti Singh

Cherish Memories

Hugs from few people are best memories to Cherish forever.

Smile from few people are best treasure to Cherish forever.

Calls from few people are best songs to Cherish forever.

Promises from few people are best gift to Cherish forever.

Prayers from few people are best wishes to Cherish forever.

Efforts from few people are best attention to Cherish forever.

Funny tricks from few people are best action to Cherish forever.

Flowers from few people are best fragrance to Cherish forever.

Letter from few people are best pages to Cherish forever.

Love from few people are best affection to Cherish forever.

So, hold them close to you.

You are lucky one if you are receiving such blessings.

People always lose blessing in a blink of an eye.

Keep them close forever!!

©Kriti Singh

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