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Poems by Jayashree Trao

Million unsaid things

Time flies, sweet memories linger
Thoughts of you, make my heart smile
The little things that you do
the looks that your eyes seek,
the frequent calls when I am away,
the rage when you had to serve yourself
never fails to give a smile on my face.

The surprises that you spring
eagerly await
knowing well you”ll not forget
the cherished moments of our lives.

©Jayashree Trao

Diary of a beach

It’s late evening and I feel abandoned
Not a single soul cares for me,
From morn, hundreds came
jumped and had all fun.
Now, like an orphaned child
I cry and await the arrival
of rag pickers to clean me.

©Jayashree Trao

Ode to the women

Women, God’s most amazing creation
stunningly beautiful yet thoughtful
gentle yet strong, a delight she is
Home, a house without her.

An affectionate mother, a sensitive sister
Caring daughter to elders
Loving wife, bread maker,
Bread earner when need arises
A role many she plays
It cannot be defined.

Immense strength,
Sparkling smile bears many stings
A hope she holds high
Amidst many trifles.

She lovingly bonds the family
Her wit and grit
Dictates the world
In times of calamity.

©Jayashree Trao

A Safari Ride

Wandering on the safari
a wondrous sight I behold
Slowly we marched
lest we may disturb
mother deer
nurturing her young
whilst others fled
in fury threat had spread

Calmness of the mother
I was taken aback,
never worried ,
priority was her little
hungry child.

©Jayashree Trao

On the countryside

A beautiful pathway down the country side

Strewn with pine trees all around

I was mesmerized by its enchanting beauty

Serenity and tranquility gave me kinda joy

Every day we walked through the pathway

Early morn and at six in the evening

The tweets and flutters I loved to see

It was a house to wide flock of birds

The hush greenery was captivating

My lens captured vivid images

Memories which I can always cherish

Our journey destined for a week

Heavy heart I bid adieu to wonderland

Painted forever in our hearts

Lest we may come back soon

See these jewels on earth again

©Jayashree Trao

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