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Poems by Ishanvi Modi


Beauty is admired,

Loved and praised,

Inner is never seen,

With eyes wide awake,

Outer stays within,

The mind and eyes,

Blocks whole vision,

Blurrs the sight,

Truth it was, it is,

And will remain,

Love is blind,

Will stay the same

By looks and charms,

That always intrigue,

Ensures anything beyond,

Remains unseen. . . .

©Ishanvi Modi


 My heart stays like a still newborn,

Alike in chaos as well in peace,

Hopes of being alive are long forlorn,

Feelings, thy love it’s weak to seize,

Thou, my lover, it wasn’t your misdeed,

Thine actions proved true intentions,

It was my heart that belonged to deranged creed,

To which only thy words made impressions,

My heart was young and was naïve,

It thought that true love does exist,

O my beloved, only thou made it believe,

All is fake and no love persists,

For all those false tales of promise and love thou spun,

I gave you mine all, while thee deserved none.

©Ishanvi Modi


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