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Poems by Divanshi Kumawat

The lantern

The night so dark and the sky so bright

To reach the lord and to reach the might

We lit the fire we lit the eyes

Which vanishes the fear and the ecstasy flies?

Oh girl see here comes the color red

Don’t be afraid it’s what will remain in the head

The dead and the living would stay forever

Just believe that they were not clever

For they sacrificed their lives for us

They deserve our reverence and grief thus

So see the dark night with the lighting lanterns

For each one signifies the pain of losing a friend, a life

©Divanshi Kumawat

The rotten apple

There on the table I saw an apple rotten

With no time it was sincerely forgotten

But it couldn’t help to narrate its story

With a crystal heart it stated its pride and glory

I was as red as blood it began

When I and my siblings used to plan

Hanging on our beautiful tree

We used to laugh, cherish and were free

With no time we were broken from the branch

And were sent in different places to fill the hunger hearts

We knew what our future was

So we didn’t regret sacrificing our red part

But now when my sacrifice awaits

I still keep sitting just to decay

Just to rise and be someone’s rotten apple once again

©Divanshi Kumawat

Instagram: diva_kiara




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