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Poems by Dipanjan Maiti

The Aftermath

Some were punished for being patriots,

Others for humanity,

Losers were robbed off their dignity,

Winners! lost sanity. . .

A father, a son, a brother died in the battle;

Ask that girl on the other side of the border. . .

How was your lover. . . ! I bet she has met the beast. . .

Off her soul they had a feast. . .

On the either side of the border –

Everyonelost their battle once the war was over.

©Dipanjan Maiti

Happy last Night

They said happiness spreads when you share,

I guess they were right. . .

Tears roll out when you sing lullaby to yourself –

passing by the midnight.

pain often gets multiplied by loneliness. . .

And smile struggles to be bright. . .

O my love I am bit drunk today. . . had a little too lot of wine,

Please tell me we didn’t fight. . .

The dead roses remind me I was happy. . .

Very happy. . . very happy and lonely last night.

©Dipanjan Maiti


Staring at the ceiling I often try to paint her face on,

Till a blurry shape appears I find the night has already gone. . .

Long gone o long gone my another sleepless night,

Those dark circles fail to pretend,

Fail to hold on to my plight. . .

©Dipanjan Maiti

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