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Poem by Shraddha Khandare

Mom Mom

Mom mom, take me home, the devil is saying you will never come.

Mom mom, I am hungry, I only ate two bites; the mirror is scowling now saying how I should shed some fat.

Mom mom, the walls are crumbling down on me, I dont even know how to scream and breath.

Mom mom, pack your stuff and run from here, they keep saying how they will hurt you sometime.

Mom mom, don’t say anything to me, they become angry and upset; they like silence and isolation.

Mom mom, I see you cry over how I dont speak with you anymore; but what can I do, they haunt me notto.

Mom mom, I loved the cake, I am sorry I couldnt eat more than one piece.

Mom mom, they wake me up at midnight, they love the fear and dark alot.

Mom mom, I haven’t slept well for days, I just wish I could rest on your laps and be at peace.

Mom mom, I am sorry for not being a perfect kid, I try so hard but the monsters make me do devilish deeds.

Mom mom, I didn’t mean those words during our argument but what can I do when there is choas in my mind.

Mom mom, I am sorry that your hear all bad about me, no one loves me because I am weird and different.

Mom mom, the teacher made me sit alone today, the kids complained how I keep muttering things all day.

Mom mom, I tried drawing our family picture but then the devil told me to drop black color all over it.

Mom mom, why dad hated me so much? The devil says that I am worthless and humiliation from birth.

Mom mom, what should I do? The Angel of mine seem to be dying in pain.

Mom mom, the Angel spoke in low tone, it said to follow my heart and ignore all the voices.

Mom mom, they are upset now, because the Angel seem to be encouraged when you tried to show me love.

Mom mom, they are happy alot, but the cheek still stings where you slapped me hard.

Mom mom, I know cutting is wrong, but it helps me to reduce the pain.

Mom mom, I tired alcohol, it made my throat burn but then I forgot the choas.

Mom mom, I drink and smoke alot, I now understand why people choose them over their life at times.

Mom mom, I dont see light at all, it just seems that the devils blind me somehow.

Mom mom, I should go now, but please check the letters I wrote for you somehow.

Mom mom, dont worry about me, the devils will be with me even in grave.

© Shraddha khandare

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