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Home / Short Stories / English Short Stories / One Single Day by Mohammad Rehan

One Single Day by Mohammad Rehan

“ One Single Day ”

Then one single day, all my words were deserted into never-ending silence, my heart screamed out of pain, I wanted to screech after the devil hours of the night looking from my glass window to the lonely streets with yellow dimmed street lights glittering, everything seemed blurred. The wetness in my eyes blocked my vision making everything foggy. It felt as if my heart was pulled out from my chest and I was just lying there motionless. Sexual desires went into hibernation unlike those days in the middle of the night we made love. The frame still played like a movie roll in front of my half-filled teary eyes. Everyone says they forget, but they don’t. They lie that time heals. It doesn’t. It just makes you go practical and habituated. Not for a second, tears left my eyes unlike those days smile never faded. The letters, photographs, her kissing messages and the way she used to move her lips to utter my name seemed like a pyre. It just burned me with intense pain. I promised myself not to cry anymore but failed miserably and with every trial, the eyes added more teardrops, heart added more pain, and mind added more memories. It’s enough to kill a person. I felt there is nothing in this world that can replace this agony. I wanted to feel this pain and somewhere deep in my mind, I was ready to take this pain forever with me. Somewhere deep, I just cannot blame her. Somewhere deep I cannot even hate her. How it feels when you love someone, and neither you hate nor you can love. We are human beings and we are called the creatures of manipulation. I smiled at myself sitting down near sofa with utmost darkness in my room and something just beeped into my mind. A whisper with a sweet voice. A voice you want to hear once more. A voice that can fill the gaps of solitude. But it’s just a voice which vanishes into thin air.

I still remember when she entered my room full of darkness, curtains blocking sunlight and lights always switched off. She looked into my eyes and asked

“Why there is so much darkness in your room?”

“There was no light before. Darkness was seeking light since a long time and today the wait ends, You came.” I replied.

Soon I retained to my room with darkness, sitting alone, eyes full of tears flooding down to lips and somehow I wanted to taste the pain so I tasted tears. No, it didn’t taste salty. It tasted blood. I cried with more pain, screamless pains which I can only hear.

Somewhere in the darkness, I can hear the voice

“Why there is so much darkness in your room?”

This time I replied something different. Something which I never wanted to. Something that my lips never expected to utter.

“Because you are not here”.

I replied.

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