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Myths and Facts about Chocolate

Since my childhood, I have been very fond of chocolates, I guess who is not? Only a handful of people around may not be very fond of it. Till 2010, this had been limited to only fondnessto crave for this divinely sinful food. Post that, the fondness converted to passion to learn more about such delicious category of food. This is where I started to learn more about them theoretically and also practically. What resulted from this was “the art of designing chocolates into themes and magical flavours, packing them into themes beautiful inside out” and “a book on A-Z of chocolates”. After all, why hide the knowledge and fun from the world!

Do we see chocolates as a part of our lives and daily routine just too much? Have we ever wondered why and how? If we look at the aromatic industry, we will find many fragrances with chocolate viz a viz candles? Move over owing to the beauty world, the shelf is overflowing with chocolate enriched oils, creams, cosmetics, spas etc to name a few.

Why do we feel de-stressed when we consume chocolate? Does it really let go of our stress or is it because of some chemicals in chocolate which makes us feel elated? When we have a bite, do we feel as if we are in love? If there is a fight and we gift a chocolate, will there be a smile at the receiving end and why every fight is sorted? Why do women crave for more chocolates comparing to man? Do we know that in the ancient times Mayans and Aztecs, used cacao as a currency? Doctors used chocolate to treat fever in the AD times and nuns were forbidden to eat chocolates!

There is no theory to prove that chocolate causes acne. Instead if one over-indulges in anything it causes a disease. Eat right in the right form and its equivalent to good health. Cavities – do you brush your teeth when you consume chocolate? Do you eat chocolates more than required? Why will you not have cavities then? But why to blame such a delicious heavenly food when we don’t take the right care? Have one piece of dark chocolate, rinse your mouth, brush your teeth and in no way, you’ll be prone to cavities. After all, Chocolate is known to be the “Food Of Gods” and how can it cause so much trouble if consumed carefully. Try eating 10 apples or any other food form and it will surely lead to some health issues or the other. Chocolates treat cholesterol and blood pressure problems when consumed dark but in limits.

Chocolate is an end product of a long process from the cacao seeds grown in fruits of cacao trees which can be as high as 20 feet. Seeds go through a detailed and deep processing to finally reach the stage of what we call a Chocolate.

Chocolate is such a high energy giving food that it was used by the military to store and consume when the temperatures were cold and chocolate was the only food to survive such cold temperature but it still gives loads of energy. If you are in a problem and not in a right mood or if you are hurt, get up and try a bite, you will surely see the effect as chocolate has more than 300 chemicals and dark chocolate has flavanoids and antioxidants that uplift your mood and emotions like anything.

Endless desserts can be prepared with various processing techniques of chocolates and alsoleaves you and your guests jaw dropping and wanting more and more! Recipes like truffles, pops, dips and rocks will get you down on your knees to have some more. After all, don’t we believe in the saying “If you have 10 chocolate options in front of you and you eat just one, it is a disrespect to waste that chocolate”!!

What is the right way to eat chocolate?

Oh wait, is there a way to consume chocolate? Of course my friends, none of us want ourchocolates to feel bad. so there you go, unwrap the chocolate, take it in your hands and only then eat it! Chocolates in wrapper are literally an insult because you don’t do justice by not eating it with both hands 🙂 I guess this article will leave you running to grab a chocolate in any form – dessert, hot chocolate or chocolate bar!! Go ahead, don’t control the chocolaty craving. . .

Reveal more and more such concepts in our book “The Chocolate Alphabet” which is widely available on Amazon.

Unveil more and more flavours, themes and designs with our wide range of chocolates and packaging to make them taste more interesting and gifting more fun and unique.

Next time when you pick a chocolate, don’t forget to eat them in the right manner, feel its aroma and taste in such a way that you feel the creaminess even more in your mouth, the creaminess that is derived from cocoa butter inside chocolates.

I guess I should sign off for now, to give you time to take a break and have the “Food of God” 🙂


©Smriti Bhatia

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