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Its 4am

Its almost 4 am,

and my clock seem to be stuck,

The story which is repeated every night will soon come into existence,

Here I lay shaking in my king size bed, with a candle and a lamp on the table besides my bed.

I check the watch again to reassure the time and

Alas! It is stuck at 4 am making an angle defined.
I was asleep till now fighting the demons in the masks but then I was shoken awake from my dreamy chaos.

Now I lay wide awake while sitting on the corner hugging my knees. I know the time is moving and every seconds I dread.

Soon there will be three knocks on my door, brown and old, and even if the door is locked it will open easily somehow.

There will be noone outside except from the breezy cold air, even in this hot season out.

But I know better, it has already creeped into my room and now hidden behind the door secure.

Soon the door will shut, with a bang so loud,

I wonder,

how my mother dont hear it somehow.

I will pull the blanket above my head, but I know its of no use.

I keep trying to secure myself every night with a blanket and false hope.

Yet the devil of shadow, finds a way to get to me always

It will raise very high, showing its black ugly face and I will shiver

From the fright

Of it getting too close to me

Within me which lies the angel, will find a place to hide that time.

Cause the devil has no mercy, never had and never will.

It will blow the lit candle and make the light go whoosh in the air.

And then will come time, of the angels of light.

The darkness will slowly creep in me and kill the tiny angel.

© Shraddha Khandare

 Facebook: Shraddha Shrikant Khandare

Instagram: cucking_frazy


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