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There is a ‘question mark’ in the topic also. It means the root begins with a big ‘question mark’, which signifies us, where to go? or what to do? Definitely the mark of query and inner urge proves the thirst for going in depth. ‘Curiosity is The Mother of Invention’, science and philosophy stands on the pillars of curious mentality. Face to face learning serves this curiosity as the portal of webs are defined in limits. Although a human mind has limitless possibilities of thinking. It can derive ways to break through all difficulties. A web designer or page devoloper can put instructions on cloud but he can’t insert a ‘mind-software’ there! Thus it is based on past’s knowledge and experience. Whereas present deals with creative thinking and presence of mind.

Online learning is stood on an average format of student’s mind. It doesn’t consider that each and every student has a personal way of thinking. A student has indigenous problems and out of the wind visualisation. So that online learning reflects same rays on each retina’s and judge the subject matter, but each mental retina has its own frequency to judge the subject. If learning is questionless, it becomes a mere mechanical tool which produce mechanical parts for the national infra-structure every year. Student’s observation power becomes dull and he thinks in an unidirected way only. As he is programmed to continue the programme of pre-settled learning structures, set by instructors.

‘Vedic’ society went on pupil’s observation power and they transfered their motive of thinking throughout the ‘Vedas’, ‘Upanisads’ and lot more. They shared it for their next generations. Then they wouldn’t have mechanical tools but they had deduced various complex terms with their observation power. The terms of that society are still researched by this mechanical world, some of this are answered;maximum of those are unanswered. They got results but they aren’t as precise as their scientific tools.

Face to face learning gives us better view and vision. A question on complex matter is solved with the help of online learning which can’t even define or magnify the value of the ‘question’. It rather than defines the matter only on answering it. Online learning is a short-cut and face to face learning is the process of knowing the road. As short-cut gives us temporary solution but lifelong confusion and the road of knowing the ‘question’ perfectly gives us permanent relief from solutions but temporary pain. We try to neglect that pain so that online learning has become so famous; popularity comes from what we want to see, rather than what we are! Online learning gives us the idea of ‘lift’ whereas the face to face takes us to the steps to reach the height. We surrender our limits to the ‘lift’ but we can judge ourselves on the steps of steers. If we fall from that steps we are responsible for our injuries and we can overcome as we are our master there, in the lift the case is opposite! Thats why the ‘face to face’ pours us with the natural feeling. Soil, trees and most of the natural beauties lie on the ground, sky is the limit there. But the sphere is limiless. A high-jumper first kisses the ground to reach the high.

Like ‘Shantiniketan’, ‘Tagore’s dream place’, is totally surrounded by natural learning. There the friend, philosopher and guide, I mean teacher sits face to face with the students beneath the sky. Sunlight and fresh air turns on our mind but the tubelight and fan’s mechanical light and air can turn on the screen of the PC or ‘multi-talented’ phones. So that online learning modifies us to stay modified within the four concrete walls! Whenever we need help on most awkard moments like in a lonely forest, barren deserts and in an extremely tricky natural situation, our mind surrenders and eyes shows us the words_’connection lost’ or ‘ Oops, 403 forbidden network! ‘ only.

First of all, you need a better guide in face to face learning arena otherwise the online learning wins the race. Nowdays the teachers are also onlined so much, so that they teach face to face but their eyes depict the screen of their monitors only. The online-face teaches another face; push them indirectly to be online like them and stay connected. In such condition we need informative and in-formative motivational teacher who doesn’t only teach but also give the lessons of life. Tell us about the formulation of formulae in real life. The teacher will be from literature, arts, science or commerce but he should know nature is the key of all locks. So we need to love the nature who gives us fresh oxygen, magnificent flowers, delicious fruits and pleasant breeze. Nature mother doesn’t want anything in return, if you don’t try to love that ‘lady-nature’ who doesn’t even argue with you only burns herself to keep you alive, so how can you love yourself, your parents or the whole mankind!

As Coelho says, “ Always ask your heart, it knows everything “, we need to ask our heart first that whether we need ‘onlined- manipulation’ or face to face learning from nature. It depends on what you choose, as you try to choose the wrong way it becomes painful then; so that you have to know your heart’s words first.

Online learning is another name of singularity and face to face is a form of plurality. A teacher can give light on various aspects but online teacher is directed early to put the light on, in a single way only. Yes, there is also positivity in online platforms of learning. It gives us vast information like an ocean. We have to mug out our needs and solutions from it. It runs into the problems and gives us the answer as soon as possible. However, it becomes lifeless, where a machine of technology teaches us. Swami Vivekananda said, “ Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man “, education and learning must open the perfection already in us. Online learning can’t unlock this perfection level in us beacause it only gives us answer of such manipulated things, doesn’t describe the vitality of answer in our life. We try to find the hidden sword there, not knowing how to use it. When we relate the answer with our real life, the question becomes simpler and the answer is meaningful then. Face to face learning where a ‘life’ teaches another ‘life’ to live the life to the fullest. It means the learning exists when the teacher has capabilities to teach how to burn the candle. The student will burn the candle with the help of his learning then. If the teacher put on the candle for students, then the learning procedure becomes lifeless again.

For me ‘Face to Face learning’ is everywhere as I learn from everything. An ant can teach me the lessons of hardwork even a bud teaches me how to blossom. A sunflower gives me the idea of how to face the problems and how to make your weakest the strongest part of your life. There sunlight is my companion and the storm of problems makes me lucky. I reborn everyday as I can see the new ‘me’ who knows a lill bit more than the day passed. The seconds of life help me to reborn and relive. If anyone thinks face to face learning is the only process which grows up amidst a human teacher and student, he is wrong then. ‘Teacher’ means who teaches, it means not only a human can train but also the ins and outs, pros and cons of nature can give us the lessons of life. Thus learning is everywhere in the entire universe. ‘Veda’ says “ Jatha Drishti Tatha Sristi “, it means if anyone tries to see perfectly, he can see the creativity and education everywhere !

I’m not telling online learning is bad or worse; it is good for us on some perspectives but face to face learning is the best process on each situations of life. Which makes us apart from nature, becomes a trap itself. The learning where we can find our inner proximity with nature, there we learn about ourselves as well. The face of nature enlightens us to enlighten the whole world, as ‘Buddha’ said _

“If you light a lamp for someone else, it will bright up your path.

©Sudip Das gupta

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