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Home / Short Stories / English Short Stories / I HATE YOUR GRAVE (Part 1) by Mohammad Rehan

I HATE YOUR GRAVE (Part 1) by Mohammad Rehan


An intense and sensual thriller based on dark love

Part -1:  You are taken

There was an air of tranquillity when I was pushed against the wall. For the first time in my life, I was bamboozled into the world of dark romance. To be precise I cannot call it something as LOVE or SEDUCTION but can call it mind possessed. When I tried to speak, slender nicely groomed fingers with sharp devil red colored nails stopped by putting one finger against my lips. She squeezed my lower lips cupping it both her index finger and thumb slowly planting a soft smooch on them. I felt conquered. My conscious mind was regularly and repeatedly knocking me to give a full stop. But deep somewhere in my mind or heart or you can say possessed mind was not even blinking and gave it a green signal to let go what was happening around. My heart beat faster, the mind was in no mood to ruin the moment and anxiety played silly games on me. It never happened ever in my life before, my body was being tamed by a sexy and desirable luscious animal who craved for something very intense. Every inch of my body muscle seemed to respond to her touch. It was something more than touch and less than what was going to happen next. Live in the present, not in future. With confusing and puzzled lines going across my mind and beating the original one my body already sensed the aroma. Her every touch on my body creating goosebumps felt unleashed. Her body was inclined towards me like the slanting rays of sun falling against the earth. I gently pushed her breaking the red ambiance but all my trials went in vain when her fingers were interlocked with mine as if locking it to eternity. I saw my defeat and defeat followed with a loud scream out of pain. I felt pointed nails pressing hard against my neck muscle. Painful screams were shut by pressing one of her palms on my lips. Pain sensed an acuteness of immense pleasure running down on my veins like an adrenaline released by this strange diva who just attacked me sensually with even not half with her efforts beating someone’s loyalty forever. I felt her nails again repeating the action. This time it felt like she was digging for a piece of flesh from my neck and pushing her away gathering my full strength and making it as a successful move. I wanted to get a view of her face and wanted to move away from that place and forget what all had happened. The ambiance was perfect. The emotions started flowing down again when her thick strands of hair covering her face hiding it totally from my vision faced mine. With a deep sensual voice blended with seduction whispered

Because someone had hurt me so terribly and wounds are still exquisite to look at. But I choose to give pain with pleasure. Making herself an inch closer she whispered almost making her lips biting my earlobes  “Hunger sometimes desiderate you to salivate for splendorous things around. Burn the loyalty and sow the seeds of desire”  with a bit deep voice words sounding almost audible to one of my ears.

My mind racing with pace full of questions which are needed to be answered.  I wanted to shot one question after other. To my astonishment, I found myself again dumb against this Diva. None of my senses worked and hormonal changes took place so quickly it was hard to resist. On the other hand, I thought of someone’s loyalty questioning me. But soon those thoughts were conquered and was overwhelmed with mysterious thoughts of this mysterious Diva. Now her body was close to mine and there was not even an ounce of space to flow air in between. I felt my body vibrating. But with fingers interlocked and hands cuffed like a criminal inside a prison there was nothing I could do. “Truth is always bitter and hard to digest”, I thought to myself. I never wanted to get released from this steamy situation. With her touch only she had injected aphrodisiac into my veins and what is going to happen next with her next move. I surrendered myself totally to her but deep inside my heart the question of LOYALTY was popping out when flames of amatory put LOYALTY into ashes. With her next move, she questioned me “What you desire”?

With confusions flooding my mind I chose to say “Let me leave”. But choices never come into action until and unless you make them go. “Let me leave “ were just my inner voices which were asking for my permission to come out. The moment I opened my lips making her fingers out of the way she pressed them again biting my earlobes and licking them slowly down my neck I heard a whim of whisper –

“Desire becomes surrender and surrender become power”. When your desires were taken care of, don’t dare to desire”.

“YOU ARE TAKEN”.  Finally………..!

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