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Go Crazy – A Night of Girls

‘Hey Payal, What’s your plan for tonight?’

Shivani Asked Payal.


‘I have decided to study the whole night. ‘ Payal replied.


‘Really? Suddenly a naughty girl turns like a Scholar. But how?’


Jyoti teased.


‘Why don’t you think that I could study like others?’ Priya inquired


‘No, I didn’t mean that you can’t, but full night sounds little awkward. ‘ Jyoti said to Payal.


‘Okay b’bye we have decided to go to Pub tonight to hang out, you carry on with your books. ‘ Komal added.


Payal isone of the type of girl who loves traveling and late night party in pub. She lives in Mumbai with her bestie Shivani, They were a team of four girls, Payal, Shivani, Komal & Jyoti. Payal, and Shivani lived together in a hostel and Komal and Jyotilived with their Family in Mumbai.


‘Wait I’m also coming with you bitch. ‘ Payal shouted


‘Girls, I think we heard something from our backside. ‘ Jyoti Said to others


‘Yes. I too beard something. ‘ Komal said to others


‘Bitch, Am I invisible to you all, can’t you see me?’ Payal Screamed


After Payal’s statement all girls started to laugh loudly.


‘Take it easy, we’re just kidding. ‘ Jyoti says to Payal


They Reached the Pub but it was already crowded and so they occupied an empty sofa and ordered a beer . Minutes later, the waiter arrived with some beer bottles and the girls took their bottles to drink.



Jyoti finished first and she thought to play a game called Spin the Bottle with her empty beer bottle so she shared her plan with others and all girls also showed their interest in that. ‘Everyone will get a chance to spin the bottle and the rules is same as truth or dare where you begin byspinning the bottle in the center of the circle, we shall use this table to spin the bottle, the spinner can ask her any personal questions and if she decides not to answer then she has to perform the dare that the spinner chooses which can also include kissing someone. ‘ Jyoti explained all rules to others.


The Game began. Jyoti spun the bottle first and the other girls remained with crossed fingers and closed. Finally bottle pointed at Shivani, everyone laughed except her.


‘So here it is, Shivani. ‘ Komal teased


‘So tell me. Did you had sex with any guy till now?’ Jyoti Asked Shivani as per the game rule, But Shivani denied answering it.


‘Okay, then you have to perform a dare. ‘ Jyoti told Shivani. ‘Okay, I’m ready for it. ‘ Shivani replied.


‘Go and kiss that guy who is standing there’, Jyoti said pointing to a guy but Shivani looked embarrassed as she had to kiss a guy whom she hadn’t even talked and also he was a complete stranger.


Other girls started to cheer up Shivani, ‘ Shivani. . . . . Shivani. . . . . Shivani. . . . .


Shivani. . . . . ‘ and Shivani started to walk

towards that guy to kiss him and went next to him.


‘Hi, I want to tell you something. ‘ Shivani initiated the talk with that guy.


‘Yes say. ‘ That guy replied


‘I’m Sorry. ‘ Shivani replied


The guy was about to say something but Shivani sealed his lips with her Soft and glossy lips and finally she kissed him. The other girls were seeing them both with Jaw down expression and big eyes.


But after kissing, that guy got confused as he was unable to understand what had happened. Shivani went to her girl’s gang and gave a Hi-Fi to Jyoti.



That guy noticed that and went to them. ‘Thanks for that sweet kiss and it makes my Day’ he said to them and smiled.


Now Shivani Spun the Bottle and it landed on Komal. As per the rule, Shivani asked her a personal question.


‘Have you ever watched Porn videos’ Shivani asked Komal


Komal was an open minded girl, she was one of that type of girl who can be comforted with anyone and can make anyone comfort easily.


‘Yes, I watched’ Komal answered and other girls looked at her with a confused expression.


‘Who is your favorite Porn Star’ Payal teased


‘No one is my favorite, I just Googled for porn and found many results through which I watched it’ Komal explained


Now Komal spun the Bottle and bottle landed on Jyoti ‘Oh, shit. ‘ Jyoti shouted


‘Have you ever seen a guy in a nude condition’, Komal asked Jyoti as per the rule


Jyoti Denied answering it and that’s why Komal gave her a dare to perform, ‘Go and steal the Purse of that man who is standing at Drinks counter, without being caught. ‘ Komal said to Jyoti


Jyoti went near to that man and looked around to confirm is there anyone who were noticing her or except her girl-friends, She slightly started moving her hand from the counter and started to put in the Pocket of that man slowly, slowly, as his back pocket was little loose she succeeded in performing her dare and she ran towards her gang of girls and handed over that purse to Komal


“Let me open the purse, please”, Payal requested to others


Payal opened that purse and found a papr which had a line in Hindi, ‘Buri Nazar Waale Tera Mooh Kaala’ Payal spoke out that line and other girls startedlaughing at Jyoti.



As Payal remained playing the game the other girls decided to use Payal to have a little fun. ‘See Payal now only you remain, so we are going to ask you one personal question and if you deny answering it then you have to perform a dare which we choose’ Jyoti said to Payal


‘Okay’ Payal replied.


‘If you get a chance to go to bed with one boy from our college with whom you would like to go to bed?’ Jyoti asked her question as per the rule of the game. And as usual, Payal denied answering it and then Jyoti gave her a dare to perform.


‘Go and slap that man whose purse is with us. ‘ Jyoti exclaimed


‘What rubbish?’, Payal said.


‘You have to perform. ‘ Jyoti replied


‘If he slaps me in return then?’ Payal Inquired


‘Don’t worry we have planned for it. ‘ Jyoti replied


‘What plan?’ Payal asks


‘After slapping that man you have to run outside from the pub and we will do the same. ‘ Jyoti explained the plan


‘Okay. ‘ Payal replied. Then Payal went near that man and stood opposite to him and apologised him.


‘Why?’ The Man asked, and finally, payal slapped him very hard. After slapping, she shouted at the other girls to run and moved towards the exit gate of the Pub and other girls did the same. They all met outside the pub.


‘You bitch, you used me to take revenge at that man’ Payal exclaimed at Jyoti in an anger tone and all laughed loudly.




Each friendship offers something totally unique — and irreplaceable. Each friendship ultimately makes us who we are. so don’t stop to make new friends.


©Rishikumar Thakur

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