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Home / Short Stories / English Short Stories / GIRL WITH GOLDEN WINGS by LUBNA GHAZAL SIDDIQUE


From always she wants to fly, she wants to do something, she wants to break every barrier. She basically wanted to run away from the judgmental society. Breaking every norm was in her genes maybe she was fated to do it. When people get fed up after doing 100s of failure and left that work, she use to say that why not let’s try once more. There was something majestic about her, a girl with golden guts.After seeing her people always use to say that we wish we had the power of committing 100s of mistake and then move on. The girl in herself was a complex story whom I always wanted to pen down. She was amazing, she even doesn’t know that the path of which she is walking led to a wonderful destination or not, she just simply kept walking & believed that she will make her own destination. I don’t remember her name still I’ll advise you all to find that girl, she is somewhere lost & if possible then फरार हो जाए just like her.




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