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Father who stays in heaven

Its been 4 years since you are gone so far and long.

The breeze and trees whisper your name with me all along.

I have been trying to remember your wisdom and pour them into words to make a song.

Just so you could be happy to know that I have been trying to stay strong.

Maybe I have flaws and my behaviour with you was very much wrong.

But tell me father, will you punish me for the sins I committed when I was a kid, an innocent mess, fooling around?

I wish I could turn the time back again and hug you tight for so long.

So that you could feel the love oozing out from that hug of mine which will be strong enough.

I wish you were here to see me get dressed and be ready for my prom.

I wish you were here to click my pictures funny and laugh at them and troll.

The smile on my face faded away with the years as they passed on.

Can you imagine the pain I kept in my heart which inturn is making me go insane?

Your departure, was so sudden I couldn’t grasp on it at all. I wish we had bid a good farewell atleast, like seen in tragic movies and shows which go on.

The empty body of yours lied infront of my eyes and I couldn’t fathom it all in my memory somehow. I only wanted your soul hugging back yourself and pulling you down from the heaven you had gone.

I made a wish to the shooting star asking it to manage my message to you at any cost.

But dad, did it reach you? I doubt it alot.

Cause if it had reached you, you have been here by now. To help me with the demons and brighten my inner soul.

I miss you alot. Even the angel speaks of you highly at times and goes on and on.

It is the only thing which makes everything light in chest and lets me breathe. But it is also the thing which makes me gloomy and remember the pain and hardships somehow.

Such diplomatic my situation is, that I don’t even know how to face it, without being ready for consequences.

But one thing for sure, I won’t ever give away hoping and believing you being with me always and forever dad.

I never was able to show my love but I always wanted to so.

I wanted to hug you tight and share my experiences which were broad and delight.

I wanted to make you feel pride and see it shine in your eyes.

Never have we had an open heart conversation, but I hope dad; I was able to touch you heart at times.

Closed eyes and ears perked listening to your favourite song,

All I wanna let you know is that you will always be alive within me dad, never will I give up without achieving the moment which would have made you proud.

© Shraddha Khandare

 Facebook: Shraddha Shrikant Khandare

Instagram: cucking_frazy


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