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Poems by Prachi chandna

Daughter’s Journey

When she came in this world her parents smiled,

And when she went to another home her parents cried.

Between her arrival and her departure,

She was grown up with a great Ardor.

She remembers those days when her father taught her to walk,

And when her mother bought her that favorite frock.

A glimpse of smile can be seen on her father’s face when he took her in his arms,

And a smile can be seen too when she is in her mother’s lap and feel warm.

As she grew up she made her parents proud. . . As she already vowed.

But one day she has to go to some another place,

And to leave her parents with all the grace.

© Prachi chandna

Yes I am a girl!

I am not what you think,

And though I am girl my favorite color is not pink.

Things go same when I wear shorts or skirt,

Or when I wear that jeans and shirt.

 Give me the wings to fly, not the pain to cry and die,

Or either I’ll show you how strong am I.

Sure you can call me ‘behenji’ or ‘slut’,

But I bet I can do your mouth shut.

And if you think that I am not strong,

Then give me a chance I will prove you wrong.

© Prachi chandna

Instagram: @prachayy_

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