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Call to Depression

Hello dear friend! I know hello seems too formal for you since you have been my companion for so long. But depression, ain’t you sick of me? Why ain’t you leaving even after 19 years?!
One thing I learnt from you is that somethings don’t leave you alone, they are eternal. However, I ain’t sure if its a good thing or not. You were there during my HSC examinations, playing tug and war, trying to pull me down.

You were there when I was high at the time my crush asked me on a date, so that you could give me pointers about my flaws.

You were there when my brother was on the way to heaven, to make me feel like hell.

You are always there sitting on my shoulder like a little red devil.

You pull me away like a possessive lover whenever I go to things I love. But what if I wanna break up with you? Will you keep acting like a clingy ex?

Please don’t!

Can’t you see? I am tired now. Not anymore.

There is a life which I wanna live and you act like a black hole sucking all the happiness outta me. The thick black aroma you are spraying around me ain’t a perfume sweetie, its a poison; which is intoxicating people around me.

And while you leave through the open door, please take away your sidekick ‘anxiety’ along. It has been trying to find ways to kill my future, time and again.

You both have been acting like a victim but beneath the thick mass lies the face of the monster.

Let the dust turn into butterflies and my life a joy.


© Shraddha Khandare

 Facebook: Shraddha Shrikant Khandare

Instagram: cucking_frazy


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