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A old lady was standing near a departmental store, and that was the place, where no one can stand more than 2 minutes. Because many people has been dead, at that place in the time between (8. 00-9. 00). Old lady was also standing from 7. 45 and the time has been reached to 8 she doesn’t know what is going to happen, at the time a car came and some peoples got out of the car, and suddenly they killed the lady, the old lady fell down and no one was there at the time. A few minutes a old man came there and saw her wife has been killed and her blood from the body has been flowing like a flood. Then the old man has been gone to the police station, no response from everybody. Then he took the case himself to investigate. He found that the place his wife was standing had 4 murders, already, and police don’t know the culprit it was a mystery for them about the 5th murder was his wife and he thought that why did she go there and why all the five here been killed between 8. 00-9. 00 P. M. near the store and he comes to conclusion that all people has been murdered with the letter, L and ends with A. So the next day he went to the same place, and hiding behind the tree, he saw a young boy playing with the toys and his intuition said that he might have the name starts with L and ends with A. The car comes at 8. 00 P. M. and a man gets out of the car, and he kneels before the boy and cries that he had killed 5 people and the child laughed at him. At the time old man goes near to the man, and asks why did you kill my wife, the man just simply laughed and showed his son, whose face has been fully damaged of acid. Then the old man thinks of the incident that when he and his wife was going to the hospital, due to signal changes 5 people unknowingly dashed the boy and his mother. Who was a scientist, she had a acid in her hand due to, some signal problems, due to they dashed the boy and mother, acid pours on boys face and mother has been dead then the boy’s father takes revenge on them, They choose the time 8. 00 – 9. 00 P. M. because the people living in Europe says it is the haunted time for ghost. So he chose the time.



                                                    © Kalpana Thangarasu

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